About the R/C Barnstomers

We are a club dedicated to the beginner. We enjoy teaching new members how to build and fly radio controlled models. We are also a very active club, holding many contests and flying many different types of models.

Training night every Tuesday!!!

Please contact an instructor to make a booking.

Here are the different types of models and events that we have:

  1. Scale building and flying
  2. Pattern Aerobatics - including the MOKAN Pattern Contest in conjunction with the Kansas City Radio Control Society.
  3. Seaplanes and float flying - including the Heart of America Float Fly.
  4. Quickie 500 Racing
  5. IMAC Aerobatics
  6. Sport and fun flying
  7. Helicopters

We invite you to attend our meetings and/or join us at the flying field just south of the dam at Hillsdale Lake in the Hillsdale State Park