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Membership Requirements

  • AMA Membership

RC Barnstormers is an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) chartered club and the AMA provides liabilit coverage to us and approximately 2,400 other clubs through out the United States.

See the official AMA website for more information on benefits and costs.
(at the time of writing (December 2010), the membership costs for the full membership program ranged from $1 (under 19) to $58)

NOTE: A park vehicle permit is required for all vehicles entering the flying field. Visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Hillsdale Lake Web Site for more information (Park Fees table).

Who Can Join?


We're a club dedicated to many disciplines of flying and actively encourage and welcome new members. Even if you've never flown before and just think "wow that looks cool" you're welcome to come down and check us out.

We enjoy teaching new members how to build and fly radio controlled airplanes. We are a very active club with a program at each of the indoor monthly meetings and numerous flying events. We are a club with many varied interests including the annual Mid States U.S. Scale Masters Qualifier event, IMAC Aerobatic Competitions, Fun Fly's, Pattern Contests, Fly-ins, Q500 Pylon Racing, Combat, Sport, and Float Fly to name most events. We hosted the U.S. Scale Masters Championships in 2004 at the Gardner Municipal Airport. This was a huge success with great weather and airplanes.


The current membership dues are $50 per year (prorated in the first year).

Application Form

If you would like to join our club please fill out this application form.

What else do I need to learn how to fly?


Flight instruction with a buddy box transmitter is available at the field every Tuesday (late afternoon and evening), during Daylight Savings Time (beginning March 13 2011) by appointment.

We have club trainers that the instructors will let you fly to see if you are interested in the hobby before you spend money for an airplane and radio. The instructors will be glad to discuss different types and planes, radio equipment, and field supplies that you might need.